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My name is Fee Johnson and I’m a mother of three boys on the spectrum: River, Bodhi, and Indy.

If I could ask for one gift this holiday season, it would be to have a break. While I know that COVID has been tough on everyone, it’s really hit our family hard.

This is my story.

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What We Do

“Ever since we had to start homeschooling, Kaya has struggled with most of the activities that have been assigned to her. With so many kids in her virtual classroom, the instruction isn’t adapted to Kaya’s needs.

She doesn’t get the support she usually does in person. It has been very stressful and exhausting. It wasn’t until CAN started putting their videos out that Kaya finally started to pay attention.

I could tell by her wide eyes that Kaya felt like the CAN coaches were talking to her. Watching another person doing the activity alongside her made a world of difference.”

Iveta Nelson
CAN Parent